"I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. I want to get more confident being uncertain. I don’t want to shrink back just because something isn’t easy. I want to push back, and make more room in the area between I can’t and I can." —  Kristin Armstrong (via psych-facts)

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i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting

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"What if no one ever falls in love with me" — A legitimate thought I have every day (via augustdaisies)

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween 

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everything is totally okay i just need to get hit by a car

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Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds

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This is hilarious


This is hilarious

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"Winter is coming. Will the nut supply hold? Only time will tell. Xoxo" — Gossip squirrel

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If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish

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  • Teacher: "Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
  • Me: Someone told me to go to hell
  • Me: Couldn't find it at first
  • Me: But now I'm here
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Amber : Every time there’s, like, a big thing like this I always mess it up. And I’m so tired of messing up.

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Child running scared

Carley. 22. Canada.
I like making gifs.